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Speak and breathe it, slowly, singing strangely to my innermost
from your outpost in outwardly imposed sacrosanctity. i'll host
your potent parasitism exposed like it's an ode to my body.
Christen me common voluptuary with your curious lines inside me.

This is how parallax paralyzed in a state of paradise
and your undivided sense still sinks in slippery as Delphi,
worn warm in your domesticity and worn thin in mine.

A cashmere blend of supersensuality, strangely silken shame,
and fuzzy phantasmagoria redolent of childhood games
steeps what's left in sex, leaves the rest as excess
to flounder in an inborn sort of way,
marrying disconnect with your intent to introject,
to flower in an ingrown sort of way.

Mulling in the dewiness of semihuman skin,
awakens a synesthetic hallucination
of your animal heat in my animate pores,
lolling open to welcome your adoration.

Your vocals roll drolly from your alien tongue,
makes me want to crawl beneath your pedestal and find communion
in Nerudan confusion of hunger and lust. i'm a glut and i'll stomach
you however you want. Soft-shell smother, and another, and some
for the road.
(But sublimation insists that i keep my mouth closed.)
alt-J – This Is All Yours

"I want to eat your skin like a whole almond." -Pablo Neruda, Sonnet XI

Delphi: An ancient town of central Greece near Mount Parnassus. Dating to at least the seventh century b.c., it was the seat of a famous oracle of Apollo

introject: 1. 
(Psychology) (esp of a child) to incorporate ideas of others, or (in fantasy) of objects
2. (Psychology) to turn (feelings for another) towards oneself

parallax: the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions

sublimate: (in this sense) to modify the natural expression of (a primitive, instinctual impulse) in a socially acceptable manner

sacrosanct: regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with 
i let roseflesh brush his dead forehead from my lips.
i kept my sickness at bay, let the alter girl pray
in her solemn face, stripper heels, unhidden hips,
fingering the sweet thickness of cinnamon incense.

"God is nigh."

there stood his quiet coffin, sugared with oregano from home,
sinking to sleep at the feet of the greediest stone he'll know.
and the trumpeter Tapped crescendos into a world of proudest crows,
low-tide irascibility, and the unmistakable tyranny in the slowly rising fall
of his lung, breathing

"day is done, gone the sun" like it lived beneath the breadth of his
carcinogenic sun. Beneath his stars and the sky, God is nigh.
the alien urge for empty words on once-friendly tongues
had possessed my homeless body. unsung 
promulgators filled my cavitary lungs 
the best they knew how [square pegs, oblong plot holes].

held hopes high in my shallow breath, ribs sunken low in my summer breast,
held hopes high in the twos and threes for news two or three degrees
warmer than the past had bade me believe would subsist in even my Sunday best.

let alone my absurd and abused frame, i am less 
easily deceived than am i received, and a diseased entitlement entitled eustress
overtook naivety, bade me breathe with the same captivity 
that captivated these critics of my northwest.

today i tasted loneliness 
the way an alcoholic accepts
yes, he broke my freshman heart.
he wrote my spine like compromise under
idealized fingertips gripping model female citizen
three years ago.
two years later i tasted his baptism sterile-sweet,
so we brushed feet under tabletop stares.
i never told him to wear me so smugly, he was a
harrowing echolaliac suckling lilac bruised pride of
mine three years prior.
gently now i slipped two doors down in his
stifling anonymity, slowly sipping him, him tripping
the light fantastic with my left footing in an uneasy
animal, sultry soft and clinging like a thing lifted
from my obsolete dreams, he seemed
less distinct than i ever could’ve dreamed and
less distant than his speech tugged meanly
from an extrasolar means of invertebrate dealings.
NOVEMBER – light
has been property under
the title "propriety," sub-headed
"self-promotion" though i taste it like

DECEMBER – this light,
stewing between lungs like parentheses
enclosing goodbyes to skins barely worn, still warm
on October's breath, is
a thread
tautly knotted
from misuse.

JANUARY – my light
is music
and i sell its anatomy
like unripe strawberries.

FEBRUARY – look me in the eye
of my hurricane sighs and capsize.

i am a catalogue of what lonely people do
with their melting insides.

MARCH – ask if light has
room to breathe, make me
swear to disbelieve that any
wear their strawberry skins the same as me.

APRIL – ask intercostals
if i have extricated ambitions from ambiguity,
if i've determined sanity in this cacophony of symphonies,

of untried, untrue remedies to unfelt blues.

MAY – heart is a warmly over-ripened fruit, heavy like
deserted head.

JUNE – weight enough to sink away,
wait enough and want to stay,
wait enough and bound to stray, bound at the wrists,
and we're drunk enough to pray like this.
what I've been up to. Reduce, reuse, recycle. haha:]


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