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A sinkhole of foreverplay declared its own futility,
maybe in quiet reference to the sheer superfluity
of twin fertilities, her body and mine
(a subconscious breach, my body in mind).
In time i am drained of my fermented fire: my evenings expire,
having been atomized into prepositions to propositions.
Former selves surmised i'm made for this kind of faithless fission,
volitional hands deft with the slickness to

shatter that supposition:

i could never love like this,
shoved into casualty by this sickness
wearing my likeness like i really like this,
stripped of stomach lining and scraping off clothes.

i'm nose to nose with a displeasure coined
from the warped loins of what I've claimed to know.
meretricious: whorish, superficially appealing
he dared me to take a hit half as hard as i'd hit him.
it'd been a year though, and i couldn't remember anything,
like how it felt to be cast aside, or how my fingers felt inside his pride.
i'm blaming it on time, but

it could just be the medicine.

Stability took off faster than i
could take off my body, but he said
"dear, slip out of your skin,
into something a bit less
daunting." that was a month ago, though,
and it's been minutes since then.

Now his mouth's a curtain on our twin stages
of denial.

His teeth are a fucking turnstile:
i can't win. Meanwhile,
i'll turn his lost clothes in for men who share his
same name,
i'll wash his spit off of my neck with last year's
same shame.

i knew i'd be replacing his spoor on my skin
with places i know that he has never been,
but still the good samaritan
pushed me against his bedroom door. and

i'd thought he wasn't sleeping with
choking on their artichoke hearts
Sometimes i want to choke on all the poems i will never show you.

No matter how many times your laugh makes me want to touch you,
i can smell the human on your breath and feel the tension in my bottleneck
from all the nights i've pretended to have something half as beautiful as you.

This summer i'm making roadkill of all the poems i've written for you
on the highway stretching my second string heartstrings across the midwest
until i've got nothing less than a desire and inability to sing.

[i'm beginning to think being human means holding doors open
for people you know are not going to come.]
Still my body's twirling around my overzealous abdomen and
i've got to learn how to keep it to myself.

Still i'm sick and picking this fiery fruit of a sun from joyless skies to
warm my downtrodden insides because your eyes are my photokeratitis
and now i'm blind
and patient
and kind.
Peel me,
see if there's anything you want in my pink and spastic underbelly.
Love Poem No. 140.5
quite old

photokeratitis: a painful eye condition caused by exposure of insufficiently protected eyes to UV rays. Photokeratitis is akin to a sunburn of the cornea and conjunctiva, and is not usually noticed until several hours after exposure. Symptoms include increased tears and a feeling of pain, likened to having sand in the eyes.
alt-J Nara shirt by AntoinetteGiulia
alt-J Nara shirt
Been screwing around with stencils to feed my alt-J fixation:] Figured it was artsy enough for deviant art. At least as a justification for my inconsistent posting.

I didn't think to get a before picture, but this was a really large t shirt, so the left column shows the alterations I made before stenciling.
It says "Unpin your butterflies, Russia." (from "Nara" on This Is All Yours)
alt-J t shirts by AntoinetteGiulia
alt-J t shirts
Been screwing around with stencils to feed my alt-J fixation:] Figured it was artsy enough for deviant art. At least as a justification for my inconsistent posting.

1st says "let's tessellate." (from "Tessellate" on An Awesome Wave)
2nd says "like all good fruit, the balance of life is in the ripe and ruin." (from "Interlude I" on An Awesome Wave)
3rd says "PULSE TO PULSE" (from "Dissolve Me" on An Awesome Wave)


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Welcome to my page! if you have any spare feedback, I'd love to have it. I study classical singing, draw, write [words, music], play piano, and busk with my accordion, Barnabas.

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